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The Personal Orientation System is the first step in discovering your true values.


The PioneerThese people are the innovators seeking new frontiers, are inspired by the unknown, and look to the future. In the dynamics of change Pioneers tend to blaze new trails


The ProspectorsPeople with a zest for entrepreneurlism. They dare to dream and see opportunities. In the dynamics of change Enterprisers excel at maximising and making profitable what’s been developed.


The DevelopersWhen there is a need for stablity and continuity these people set foundations and grounding to long term projects and stakeholders. In the dynamics of change Settlers are good at systematising.

Our Plans & Programs

  • Assessment

    Take the assessment to discover your personal values and how they affect the decisions you make for yourself and those around you.

    • Personal Insights
    • Motives for action
    • Distinct Values
    • Your driving force.


  • Personal Orientation

    Get a personalised book on your personal orientation results. The book is designed to give you all the information you need on your assessment and includes:

    • Assesment Results
    • Motives for Action
    • Personal Values
    • Recommended Reading


  • Organisational Values

    Discover your organisational core values in this programme, designed to ensure strategic alignment of key stakeholders for your organisation.

    • Corporate Assessment
    • Core Value System
    • Org Values profile
    • Coaching & Training

Book a Coach

  • Custom Package

    Need to align your key employees to the orgs core values? We can custom build a program that wil suit your organisational requirements

    • Organisational Values
    • Personal Orientation
    • Employee alignment
    • Custom Reports


Our Clients: use this system

Completing EVS Consulting’s Personal Orientation Survey and the one on one session with Dr Lichtenstein has allowed me to experience significantly increased clarity and insight into the often subtle and unseen forces that drive and motivate me to do what I do. This deeper level of understanding into my personal values has allowed me to better assess and understand the forces that drive and shape the decisions I make, the actions I take and lenses with which we all view the world around us, ultimately resulting in more holistic and less biased vantages and better decisions in both professional and personal arenas. Jeremy Stewart Managing Director - Trade Tools
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Having a strong sense of our personal values can help ground us and ensure we make choices which align to what intuitively feels right. In a world where we are overwhelmed with information, constant change and competing priorities, we can at least hold on to our deepest inner drivers to help guide us. Evidence-based and grounded in psychology, the Personal Orientation Survey helps clarify these drivers and creates a solid platform from which to jump into the unknown. Steve Apps Chair of the Association for Business Psychology
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As a psychologist and strategic business consultant it is vital to be able to help clients work with the dynamics operating in their teams. These dynamics are made up of the influences individuals contribute so we have to understand the motivations of each person. Having a new tool to assist in this understanding is exciting. Having used the Personal Orientation Survey on myself and seen how clearly is reveals aspects of my own dynamics I am pleased I can now offer this to clients too to further their own team and leadership development. Sharon Miller BSc. MSc. Dip IET. ABNLP AAMET MNCP MABP
Name author,
Simple to use, great insights and backed up by scientific rigour. The POS tool delivers an in-depth and unique perspective that helps us to better understand our own drivers and those we work with. This increased awareness should of course lead to better business outcomes. Leon Richards Founder - Good Talent
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